Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wizarding World

I have been spending the last 3 weeks in J.K. Rowlings very wonderful world of Wizardry. When a new Harry Potter movie or book is released I re-read the book the film is based on and the book prior to the new book. Since there is both a film and a book being released soon, I had two of the fattest books to re-read. While I was reading Book 5, Order of the Phoenix, Jen told me she too was re-reading the books, however, she took on a much more ambitious task than me, she was reading Books 1 - 6! Then she mentioned that she was planning on watching all four movies, since she had only seen each once. I too had only seen each movie once, so I decided I would do the same. I have now completed the task and caught up with the entire saga of Harry Potter. The Order of the Phoenix movie comes out July 11 and the last book, Deathly Hallows will not arrive on my doorstep until July 21! When I finish reading Deathly Hallows (which I have a feeling will take me a mere few days to digest) I will feel a great sadness having to bid a fond farewell to a world I love. At least I know I can always visit whenever I want.

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