Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summertime Rolls

I have spent the last five days recovering from the previous seven days in Fabulous Las Vegas. I was there for work attending the WSA Shoe Show. It may sound glamorous, but it was WORK! I worked 12 hours a day, and if you think about it, three days is a long time in Vegas and I was there for SEVEN!

I jumped right back into summer when I got home. Saturday night I saw G. Love & Special Sauce at the OC Fair with Darian, Joey and Jakki. We had SO much fun!

I returned to the Fair the next day with Ruby to see my Aunt and cousin dance. Ruby had a blast! We rode the Ferris Wheel and Gigantic Slide. She ate cotton candy, corn on the cob, pizza and ice cream in a "pointy" cone. On the way home I asked her what her favorite part of the fair was and her enthusiastic answer was the Pony Ride!

This evening I rode my bike over to Darian's to help her with a computer issue (sorry I couldn't help). After I arrived, Amy called asking if I would meet her later at Bono's. I said yes to Amy and then realized I had left my house with no make-up on(not even moisturizer), no jewelry and no money! But it was a perfect evening spent with good friends having fun. As I rode my bike home with Jane's Addiction's Summertime Rolls playing on my iPod, the scent of jasmine mingled with the ocean in the air, it hit me that I was home and completely recovered from Vegas!

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