Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something in the Way She Moves

I had to dress up the last 3 evenings, not Red Carpet dress up, more Hostess of the most fabulous party dress up. Since I am a girlie girl, I jump at the chance to wear a fancy dress and "big girl shoes", you know, shoes that make you much taller than you are, very high heels. As I glided across the vast room I found myself in these past evenings, I was very aware of how everything was moving on me. One of the evenings I wore a rarely worn black dress Madonna designed for H&M with fishnets and very tall boots. The bottom of the dress swished all around my knees as I walked around giving a peep show of my fishnet covered knees. I liked the way my dress felt as I moved in it, you just can't help but feel very girlie! The next evening I dressed vintage bombshell, in a gold satin cocktail dress. It is a brocade with a star pattern, very Jackie O in the 60's. I wore it with a bright melon colored jeweled cardigan sweater and very high heel pumps. Since the dress is very fitted and I was wearing the big girl shoes, I noticed I could not walk without, how shall I say, shaking my groove thang, my money maker, my booty... I have to admit, I love the way high heel shoes and a fancy dress make me feel and move.

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