Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BIG Changes

It is a huge deal to start a new job, which I did on September 21. Not only did I start a new job, but it is working for a company I have WANTED to work for since they started nearly 10 years ago! I am not going to say much about my job, only that I very much enjoy it, but how could I NOT enjoy working for Jeffrey Campbell Shoes!

Now, as if starting a new job is not enough disruption in my life, I am moving my home of 8 years to a place twice the size! After nearly 2 years of searching for a place with everything on my "Wish List", it finally appeared! On Halloween we will be moving to a beautiful 2 bedroom duplex with built-in cabinets, hardwood floors, a fireplace, washer/dryer hook ups, a backyard and a garage. (Yes, those were the things on my "Wish List"). My warning to you is... be careful what you wish for, it just may come true!


Joseph said...

Everything is going to work out (new house / new job) just the way its supposed to... ENJOY IT!

Jen said...

Cannot WAIT to see your new place — it looks awesome!!!

love you! Jen