Sunday, March 20, 2011

Personal Style Icons

I spent a very stormy day watching movies and it wasn't until my last pick I realized the main women in all three movies are my personal style icons... Carrie Bradshaw, Eleanor and Amelie.

As I settled into the big chair & ottoman I call my "Island" to wait out the storm on the first day of spring with my knitting projects & current book club choice close by, I went to guide on the TV to see if there were any old movies to watch.  I found the first Sex & the City movie, which was perfect since the day before I had stumbled across the last episode of Sex & the City and of course watched it!  I next watched Slaves of New York, I bought the DVD a few months ago after watching Breakfast at Tiffany's, when I had realized some of my most favorite movies happen in New York City.  Since the rain was not letting up and the living room was getting darker, I ended up watching my all-time favorite movie of all time, Amelie.  Watching these 3 films back to back, it hit me that the heroines of all 3 films are not only all looking for  love, but doing it in their own personal style, including Holly Golightly!

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