Thursday, October 13, 2011


It was one month ago today that I woke up extra early on a Tuesday morning to get myself to a Target before 8:00 am to grab the few coveted items from the Missoni for Target collection.  I was really not prepared for what I saw and what I endured!  My adventure was well planned out days before, All I really wanted was the glass serving bowl and maybe a sweater, but it was the bowl I really wanted.   I decided to go to the Target closest to work, since there are 3 all within 10 minutes of each other, I could hit all 3 before work, which is exactly what I did, I just didn't bargain on showing up to work early and empty handed.  

I got to the first Target at 8:07 am and there was not one piece of Missoni left anywhere in the store other than in someone's shopping cart!  I left immediately and drove down the street to the next Target, arriving at 8:20 am to the same fiasco! I pulled into the parking lot of the 3rd Target at 8:35 am and didn't even get out of the car, people were walking out with no bags and I over heard a group of them telling the group walking in that it was all gone...
I had been texting my fabulous friend Eddie during all of this, he was at his 2nd Target in Orange County.  I called Eddie on my way to work to let him know I was giving up, but Eddie had found my bowl, he was holding it as we spoke!  I could quit now, Eddie had my bowl for me and that was the one piece I really, really wanted, mission accomplished!  Of course that was not the end of it for me... as soon s I got to work at 9:15 am, I tried getting on Target's website to see what was left there!  I got on about an hour later and by 11:30 am I had purchased a cardigan sweater and a skirt, it was to arrive the next week.  The End, right?  Of course not!  I hit 4 more Target's on my way home to see if I could find anything left!  I hit many more Target's the rest of the week, until I saw a sign saying Missoni for Target will not be re-stocked.  Now that I had put the quest behind me, I received 2 emails from Target letting me know my shipment will arrive later than they originally told me.  I sadly resolved myself to the fact that my sweater and skirt may never arrive, but my faith in Target was validated when my shipment arrived on the original arrival date they gave me back on September 13!

I am very pleased with my purchases, the bowl is even more beautiful than I imagined and surprisingly, I really like the cardigan sweater.  The colorful throw is the only item that got away, but it was online only and now selling on eBay for nearly $200!  Jason Wu for Target is next spring, but I don't think that collection will ever reach the frenzy of Missoni for Target!

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