Thursday, March 22, 2007


I was thinking the other day as I was writing in my journal that I should start a blog, then I remembered that way back when, last summer, I DID start a blog!!! So with a little tweaking here and there, I have updated my blog and will now do my best to write here as often as I possibly can...

Now, the subject that was on my mind that made me think about writing a blog was knitting. I am a newbie at knitting, or is that knewbie? I have been knitting for just over a year. It was my New Year's Resolution last year. My goal was to teach myself how to knit and make a sweater by years end. I did not actually begin to learn until the end of February, so I gave myself until Feb 2007 to knit that sweater. By September I was getting very good at making scarves, by December I had made over a dozen scarves! An observer asked if I could make anything else, at the time the answer was, "um, no". In December I discovered two fabulous books by Leigh Radford that inspired and challenged me to knit something completely different. First I made a hat I had in my head, that was to be for me, but when my niece Ruby saw it, the hat became hers.

With the success of the hat, I decided to attempt a project from one of the books. I knitted a crown out of crepe paper, a HUGE challenge!!!

I am currently knitting cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes! I have made a couple so far, they have been the most difficult project so far. I never did make that sweater by Feb 2007, but I am not really a "sweater gal", so I am pleased with my progress and will continue to challenge myself. My next project is knitting a rug made out of old t-shirts...

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