Friday, April 27, 2007

Sharon and the Carnation Pink Crayon

Last night our "Article Club" was held at Amy's. Instead of a "book club" we have an "article club" and we read articles instead of books, (it's not that we don't read books, but we are busy gals and we meet once a month!) Amy deviated from the article route and asked us all to bring our favorite Children's book to read out loud. I brought many books to share (as I collect Children's books) but chose to read Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. For those not familiar with the story, Harold draws many adventures for himself using his purple crayon. It has always been my favorite story and I felt very connected to Harold and his ability to use his imagination and his purple crayon...

So this morning I log on to the computer and go to read my horoscope on my Goggle homepage and this is what I read:

As much as you may want to make up your own rules, you must color within the lines now. Your hand is twitching and you want desperately to give that crayon the freedom to go anywhere. Normally, you might not do so well with the details, but today your concentration is working for you. Your willingness to trade a bit of independence for security can help you get through the next couple of weeks.

I laughed out loud! Not only did it mention using crayons like Harold, I hardly EVER follow directions, I live by my own rules! It's not a bad thing that I don't follow directions or "rules", I just do my own thing, sometimes that decision falls "inside the lines" and sometimes it does not. I am proud to color outside the lines and I like doing it with a Carnation Pink crayon!!!

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Jen said...

That is a very cute image, of you and your carnation pink crayon. :-)