Saturday, May 19, 2007

Took it out of my Mind

Ruby loves to twirl and dance. She loves everything girly. When it was announced this past spring that she would be playing softball (a sport her father and sisters live for) I asked her if that is what she really wanted to do. She agreed, but only because she got a pink helmet, pink bat, pink glove and a big pink bag to carry everything in! I then realized she was in it for the accessories. I attended her first game, which was the last game I attended, I was a distraction, once I arrived she wanted to remain with me and not play in her game anymore. And playing softball is not exactly what she does on the field, it is more like squats and looks for rocks in the dirt... So she leaves with me after this first game and she tells me, "You know, I really just want to be twirling, doing ballet wearing a tutu in a room than play softball. All softball is, is standing around and running." Well said by a four year old. I told her I would take her to ballet class. The first class was Friday. This is no ordinary ballet class, this is "Princess Ballet". Each week they read a story of one of the Disney Princesses and learn a dance to the music of that Princess. The first class was Sleeping Beauty. This class is for 2-5 year olds. Can you imagine a room full of tiny ballerina's in their pink slippers, leotards and flouncy pink "tutu's" (all of which I recognized from Target, as was Ruby's). I knew then Ruby was in her element.

Earlier in the day I asked Ruby if Papa & Grandma were going to come to her class. She said she was going to have Papa video tape her, but she "took it out of her mind". I thought for a minute about what she had just said and asked her to repeat it so I could hear it again or see if she said something different. No, she "took it out of her mind". She did not say changed her mind, took it out of her mind. I love that! It made perfect sense to me. I want to use that term. I want to do that, I don't want to change my mind, I want to take things OUT of my mind! Ruby is no ordinary four year old, in fact, to me she is an EXTRAordinary four year old! All you have to do is spend a few minutes with her to know this is true.

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