Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paper Lanterns

I wish I could say I have been absent due to recuperating from my trip to New York City, however, I never made it to the Big Apple. JetBlue (whom I adore!) would not let me use my free round trip ticket for the trip, so I instead opted to go in the fall... I still had a VERY fabulous Memorial Day Weekend. So what has been keeping me so busy that I have not had a free moment to be here? Besides partaking in all kinds of fun activities with my wonderful friends (Dinner Theatre in Claremont, drinks at Bono's, birthday party at Mahe's, dinner at Bandera...) I have been obsessed with embroidering (thank you Jen!) Amy shared this website with Jen, who shared her purchase and projects with me, which I in turn made my own purchase and projects! I was a big embroiderer in the 70's as a child, putting my threaded artwork on many items. A pair of cut-off 501's were a favorite of mine that I had covered in flowers and happy faces and seagulls (a specialty of mine). My first "new" project were some tea towels as a house warming gift. I embroidered some Dia de los Muertos images on the towels for a Mexican kitchen, very hip, very cool. My next project was a little more ambitious, but if I do say so myself, it came out AMAZING!!! I was inspired by a skirt I saw at Anthropolgie that had mermaids and seashells embroidered on the front, but I like my creation a whole lot more!

I have been so inspired by my embroidery projects that I already have my next two projects lined up. Next is a cardigan sweater and then a Western shirt! Unfortunately I will have to wait till next week to start any project, I have a very exciting, very busy weekend planned. Friday night is an evening with the Legendary Phil Shane. Saturday Berdie and I are spending the evening with John Mayer at the Hollywood Bowl. Sunday Joey and I shall celebrate a friends birthday by watching him and his band preform on the world famous Sunset Strip. Happy Birthday Georgie!

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Jen said...

I LOOOOOVE your skirt. I have to make something similar for myself VERY soon. :-)
plkma jen