Saturday, September 01, 2007


About a month ago I got new eye wear. I took advantage of my new vision plan from work and bought both regular glasses and sunglasses. Those who know me well know I love my sparkly eye wear. Several months ago my most favorite sparkly glasses broke beyond repair. I took it as a sign that I was to move on, since I had already had them repaired twice. I searched for months for the perfect pair of frames. Of course I searched for a pair of sparkly frames to replace my beloved broken ones. After a couple of months of searching to no avail I knew this was an even bigger sign the Universe was giving me to move on. I had visited the Optometry department at Target several times and had several favorites there. I finally decided I needed to make a decision and pick a pair of frames. The woman who helped me was very helpful. I told her what I was looking for (cat-eye shape with sparkles) to which she kindly told me was not really in style anymore as far as designer eye wear goes... She explained that the squared or rather rectangle frames were the trend. I told her I'd really like a pair that looked almost leopard print. She smiled and said she had "just the pair for me..." They were frames by Nicole Miller, tortoise shell that looked like leopard print. They were rectangle-shaped, yet with a little of a cat-eye look. I could not believe I had not even noticed them any of my three visits to Target looking for frames. She was right, they were the pair for me. I liked the way they looked, they were what I had been looking for. I took them off to see the name of the frame, sometimes frames have a name printed on the inside of the arm. My favorite sparkly frames were called Capri and I have a pair of DKNY frames called Vespucci. When I saw the name I laughed out loud and knew immediately that the Universe was giving me a sign that these were the right frames. The name printed on the inside of the left arm is Nutella, only my most favorite chocolate treat, ever! I had just had a conversation about Nutella, someone had asked what I ate Nutella on most, to which I replied, "a spoon!" I took the Nutella frames and picked out a classic pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses (no name for the sunglasses, just a style number). I have been wearing my Nutella frames a little over a month now and it seems it has taken people a few weeks to notice my new glasses, but they have been received with rave reviews!!! Of course I tell them the reason why they are so cute is because they are called NUTELLA!

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