Tuesday, September 18, 2007

LoveStoned with a SexyBack

Yes I know, it has been a very long time. But I have a really good excuse. I bought an iPhone a couple of weeks ago and I am in love! Way back, when the iPhone was first announced by Apple I wanted one, but then the price was announced and my desire to have one diminished. After watching a few friends with their iPhones, several trips to the Apple Store and researching online, I decided I would bite the bullet and buy the 4G iPhone for $500. Thankfully Mr. Jobs made his big announcement about dropping the price of the iPhone $200. Two days later I purchased my 4G iPhone for $300, with NO regrets!

So as I am coming down from my LoveStoned high with my iPhone, I get a last minute invite to join Darian at the Justin Timberlake concert at The Staples Center. Now this was no ordinary concert, I mean it was JT! But we viewed the concert from luxury suite A-30. Darian's friend Julia had the suite for the evening (Julia runs the cafe at the American Girl Store at The Grove). Julia's friend Poppy was the other last minute invite and the four of us had the most amazing time!!!

Our suite was stocked with lots of food, snacks and bottles of wine. Before JT took the stage, a dessert cart came around with lots delicious choices, instead of making a choice we took one of everything and shared! JT arrived on stage around 9:30 and the dance party officially began! Let me say, everyone knows how much I love to dance, and in a luxury suite there is LOTS of room to dance AND watch the show! Justin did tequila shots before Senorita. He Rocked Our Bodies and Cried Us A River...and did I mention that he can DANCE??? I highly recommend taking in a Justin Timerlake show, and if you are lucky enough, experience a luxury suite! We definitely brought SexyBack last night!

*Yes, the photos were taken with my iPhone! (In case you were wondering...)

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