Sunday, November 04, 2007

So Dang Busy

Where does the time go? I had intended to write here once a week. I was doing great for a while. But lately I have been going weeks between posts, only because I have been so dang busy! I will catch you up...

In September I was given a promotion at work. I now have extra responsibilities and all of California and Nevada as my territory. This means in addition to traveling to Las Vegas once a month, I am also traveling to Sacramento and the Bay Area once a month. I am looking forward to my Northern California visits.

I have many knitting projects going on, among them, a blanket, a skirt for Ruby, a "boy" scarf for no one in particular, a cupcake for an upcoming birthday, felted bowls and a knitted cap. I have made a couple of these knitted caps, I really like how the Gryffindor cap came out (it is actually USC, but I prefer Gryffindor).

I have had a few friends request some sewing projects. I worked on some curtains for The Jordan Four's new house. I'm embroidering a sweater for Darian. And I recycled a couple of her favorite t-shirts for the lovely owner of House of Hayden, which came out VERY nice.

As if all of this is not enough to keep me very busy, I have also been working on my Christmas cards, which I have been making myself for years. This year I had a great idea that was good "on papaer", but has proven to be quite a task. And, I have made 3 batches of my mini cupcakes in the last 6 weeks for various birthday's. I frosted the latest batch this morning...

So, I really want to be writing more often, but between the traveling, the crafting and the baking, well, the time just gets away from me!!!

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