Friday, December 21, 2007

Yew Nork, Yew Nork

Time keeps ticking by me, I can't believe it has been two weeks since I have been home from Yew Nork (as Ruby May calls it...) I want to write about my adventures in Manhattan, but I have only a few minutes right now (Christmas is moments away!) So I decided to tell all about the two most bestest moments from my trip.

A few hours after my arrival early Tuesday morning, after visiting Alice in Central Park, I told Jen I wanted to take a peek at the windows at Barney's. As we approached the first window on the corner of Madison and 61st, I grabbed Jen's arm and moved her quickly to the next window, for standing there talking about the window trim was none other than the spectacular Creative Director for Barney's, SIMON DOONAN!!! For me, this is one of the most ultimate New York celebrity sightings. Simon was being interviewed for a show. At the next window I was attempting to regain my composure by pointing out the cool stars in the window made of soda cans when Simon sidled up next to me encouraging me to make some stars myself. As Simon and I began our crafty exchange, the woman began asking me questions about the windows, the camera was thrust in my face and the surreal scene ended with Simon suggesting I turn my house into a disco!

Now as if meeting Simon was not enough excitement for me, two days later I met my other style icon, Patricia Field. Patricia is best known for dressing Carrie Bradshaw, she was the costume designer for Sex and the City. Patricia was doing an in-store appearance at the Macy's in Herald Square. There was no way I could not take a chance to meet one of my idols! She was just as cool as I imagined she would be. I told her about being a stylist at Nordstrom during the height of Sex and the City and how I would attempt to copy her styling on my mannequins, which often got me in trouble...

I have many other exciting things that happened on my trip, but meeting not one but BOTH of my ultimate style icons in the same trip was truly amazing!!!

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Leave it to you to have an adventure.