Friday, January 04, 2008

Where Does it Go?

Happy New Year!
I cannot believe it is already the 4th day into 2008, how did that happen? Just a blink of an eye ago I got home from Yew Nork! I did have a VERY busy holiday season... I did a lot of baking, made 6 batches of fudge by Christmas Day, frosted 4 dozen cookies days before Christmas and made crackers from SCRATCH for Christmas Day! Since I am such a crafty girl, I made some gifts too. I got very inspired to make jewelry from this great book! There were so many things going on in December, starting December 1st with our local Christmas parade, where all my neighbors had festive fun parties. I had an event to attend every weekend of December, a John Mayer concert, a Tree Trimming Party, a G. Love & Special Sauce show, Ruby's 5th Birthday, the Naples Boat Parade and a performance of Long Beach Ballet's Nutcracker to attend. That is just the fun stuff I had to do, I still had to travel all over for work and deal with that last minute shopping stuff! I have to say, I had a very nice and relaxing Christmas Day drinking champagne and after a few glasses...indulged in a little karaoke, but you won't be getting that story!

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