Saturday, February 09, 2008

Aloha from Tonga

I am quite enjoying my work trips to the City by the Bay. I get to go on fun adventures with my friend Heidi once a month. A couple of months ago we visited the Sushi Boat, which was very entertaining. This week however, we had a VERY exciting adventure. After the "Saints Came Marching By" during our dinner at the Jazz Bistro, we hiked (and I do mean HIKED!) up Mason Street about 7 blocks to the Fairmont Hotel. Legend had it that there was a tropical paradise buried inside this lovely hotel. We were sure hoping the legend was true after that very steap hike up Mason. We followed the signs to Tonga and what awaited us there was better than I could ever have imagined, well worth the hike! With volcano walls, a lush tropical garden, the sounds of Lionel Richie's All Night Long played by a band on a boat in the center of the "ocean" and ladies wearing beautiful purple plumeria leis...I was in Polynesian Heaven! We sat at the bar and were immediately handed menus with only fancy tropical drinks on them, with drawings, not photos of the described concoctions. Heidi ordered the Chi Chi. I ordered the Tematangi Ubangi. They arrived with a very generous slice of pineapple wedged on the side, topped off with a cherry and pink paper umbrella (which eventually ended up in our hair). Heidi being truly adventerous/curious, ordered a second drink. She ordered the Pineapple Royale, served in one of the biggest pineapples I have ever seen! ALOHA!

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