Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Grandma Jean

These last few weeks have been quite exhausting. It all started when I was in San Francisco and I received news on separate days that people have died. The first memorial was the following Sunday (where I attempted to undress John Mayer...) The next Sunday after that I woke up to the news from my Dad that my Grandma had passed away. My Grandma had been very ill for months and months so this was news I had been anticipating. I spent some time with my family Sunday afternoon before heading to another Memorial. I then spent all of last week working on a lovely memorial program for my Grandma to hand out to loved ones at her funeral. As I started gathering photographs to use, I got the brilliant idea to make all the photos into a slideshow DVD (I love my fancy new computer!) Though this project consumed me, it most definitely was the best way for me to remember my Grandma and give her the proper tribute that she deserved. I stayed up late every night, till 3 am the night before her funeral. It was all worth it, what I gave my family was exactly what my Grandma would have done!

The funeral was in the morning of Cinco de Mayo, it was short and sweet, just like my Grandma. My Dad wrote a beautiful eulogy for her, he was afraid he would not be able to make it through, so my Brother was in the "Bull Pen". But my Dad delivered it perfectly, showing his emotions at the end, as he should. I have not shed a tear yet for my Grandma, at first it was bothering me, when my Grandma Grace passed away I cried for years. But I spent a lot of time with my Grandma Regina the last several years and I know that she is in such a better place now. I think this world was getting to be to much for her and now she is with Grandpa, the love of her life. She worried so much about about her loved ones and worried more when she could not help them. Now she is exactly where she needs to be to watch over everyone, and she has the wings now to do it properly!

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Anonymous said...

I love the picture! Grandma with her beehive and cat eye glasses.
Sounds like a nice way to pay tribute.
Nancy Avalos.