Sunday, August 03, 2008

Live Music!

I love to see live music. I love the whole experience. The dark room. The booming of the bass in my chest. Sometimes having to wiggle your way to the front, especially if it is your favorite band! I know that this is usually something that the young enjoy more than a woman of my age, but I have found myself over the years not really tiring of seeing a good band live. I recently saw Duran Duran at the Nokia Theater and had a blast, the boys look the same to me now as they did 25 years ago!

When I was in Vegas last week for the shoe show, I had been invited to a big party held in the ballroom at The Venetian. The entertainment for the evening was Train and Third Eye Blind. The friends I was with wanted to get closer to the stage when Third Eye Blind was playing, I told them to go ahead, I'd stay where I was on the edge of the "pit". They returned minutes later saying it was too crowded. I grabbed their hands and told them to follow me. Moments later we were front center, that is a photo of Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer of Third Eye Blind taken with my iPhone...

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