Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun in the Summertime

This summer has not been as fun-filled as last summer, but fun none the less. I have less free time for fun this summer so I have to pack the fun in when and where I can. I have been trying to participate when I can in Jen's Summer O' Fun. This week we joined Jen and her clan at the OC Fair. We spent most of our time (um, all of our time...) in the Fun Zone, the kids really had a great time! I took Ruby, Aitana & Gabriel and we had a BLAST! Of course the big slide is my favorite ride there...

Jen took some fabulous photos of our day at the Fair, take a peek here.

The other HUGE project I have been squeezing into my schedule is throwing a 21st B-Day Bash for Sydney at The Cellar. It's not a surprise party, but I have been trying to plan a few surprises for the day. One of these surprises is the goodie bags I am putting together. They will be filled with temporary tattoos, Malibu Rum lip balms (our Sponsor for the event) and shot glasses that I applied little 21's to. I had an old friend in Texas make little vinyl 21's and they came out even better than I imagined, thank you Ryan!

So now I am off to Las Vegas for the WSA shoe show, I will be there for 5 days, 3 days too long to be in Vegas. When I return the summer fun continues... our first book club meeting, Sydney's 21st B-Day Bash and a Summer O' Fun outing to the beach!

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