Sunday, September 14, 2008

Change of Season

I don't have a "favorite" season. Whenever I have to answer that question, "What is your favorite season?", I say all of them. But the thing is, I like the season to be what it is suppose to be, when it is suppose to be. I want April showers to bring May flowers. I want it to be hot in the summertime, cooler in the fall, chilly and raining in the winter. Living in Southern California, there really is not the "change of the seasons" that there is in the Mid-West and East Coast. In the fall, instead of cooler weather and leaves falling here, we have hot winds and terrible fires with ashes falling. What I really enjoy more, is what each season brings with it. Fall for example, you get new clothes for school, there are new TV shows to watch and Halloween and my birthday are around the corner!

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