Saturday, May 02, 2009

30 Long Days

April has only 30 days, but this past April felt like it lasted forever! Granted, I did have one very busy April, there was lots of "red" on my calendar. Each month I print out a calendar with my work travel schedule on it and write in red ink everything else, hence, all the "red" on the calendar. April had red on nearly every day. We started the month with a 3 day visit from Dylan, ending that week with a bicycle event in Downtown Long Beach as well as House of Hayden's 7th Anniversary Party. The following week I was in San Francisco for work ending the week with Phil Shane and celebrating Easter. I took the week after Easter off for a little "Spring Break" and tried to fit in as much as I could, doctor appointments, hair cut, dinner at the Tuck's, lunch with Nicole, Renee's birthday, Thunder Thursday (the kick-off to the Long Beach Grand Prix) ending that week by throwing a birthday party for my Mom at my house! The rest of the month was sprinkled with one more special birthday, a day trip to Vegas, the Festival of Books, a visit to the ER & 3 day hospital stay (not for me) and an evening with the Book End Babes (my book club). I thought the month would never end, but here we are in May and as I look at the calendar on the wall, so far there are only 8 days with red on them, and there are 31 days in May!

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