Monday, May 04, 2009

vince the rhinestone spider

I bought a new crochet book Saturday called Super-Cute Crochet. I have several Amigurumi crochet books and certainly did not need to add another to my already growing collection, but as I flipped through this book at the store, I shut the book immediately when I came to this project and went straight to purchase the book. I made Vince on Sunday.

vince the rhinestone spider
Vince used to be called Incey Wincey, but now he prefers to be called by his proper name, Vince. His hero is Elvis Presley, although he also likes Neil Diamond. He’s an expert piano player due to his eight hands and loves to belt out some rock n’ roll classics. He tried learning to jive, but kept tripping over his feet.

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darianmarie said...

love your crochet projects!!! i might have to commission one from you :)