Saturday, May 16, 2009

Communicating Among Friends

I talk to Nancy nearly every day. I email Jen nearly every week. Jen and Nancy are my closest friends. I have been friends with Jen for 20 years, we met while working at Nordstrom in 1989. I also met Nancy at Nordstrom, but a few years later. Jen and I "talked" to each other every day at Nordstrom through emails, all day long... and that is how we still primarily communicate. We occasionally speak on the phone, but it usually a brief conversation, usually when one of us is on the way to the others home. I very much enjoy the fact that we communicate through the written word, it is SO us! Nancy and I talk on the phone all the time. Even when we worked together at Nordstrom, I only knew Nancy from phone conversations, it was many years later I finally worked with her in person. Nancy and I talk on the phone nearly every day. Sometimes we will text each other if we can't talk, but is is a rare occasion that we email each other like Jen and I do. I started thinking about this the other day when I was at the car wash waiting for my car, talking to Nancy on the phone. When we hung up I checked my email and had a couple of emails from Jen that I replied to. That is when I realized the dynamics of how I communicate with my two closest friends.


Anonymous said...

That is funny how each friend represents a different part of your life. Some people I only talk to via Facebook. Then there is going out friends, lunch friends and xmas card friends.


Jen said...

I know, funny, huh? You are definitely a "lifer..." meaning, there are always friends that come and go, but a few very cherished ones that I know I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. :-)