Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Finding Friends

I have been on some sort of "social networking" website for nearly 10 years. First Friendster was the place to be, then along came Myspace, a place for friends. Soon you starting hearing about this facebook site, it was all too much. For a while you were either on myspace or facebook, they are two different kind of people that populated those sites. At first I most definitely fell into the myspace side of the argument, but then things shifted a bit. I don't know if it was changes being made on both sites, but all of a sudden I found myself abandoning myspace and embracing facebook whole-heartedly! I know the immediate hook was having a guy I grew up with finding me, and then it seemed each day after someone else from the past would find me. I have since found many friends from the past that I had lost touch with and it has been great getting to see them and catch up. I have met up with friends from elementary school, junior high, high school, former neighbors, people I met working at Nordstrom, old dance partners and friends that got-married-moved-away-divorced-moved-back (you know who you are...) I have over 130 friends on facebook, 5 are family members, 28 are classmates, 49 worked with me at Nordstrom. I still get random friend requests from friends that surprise me and every once in a while that one person finds me that I thought was lost forever, you know who you are...

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