Monday, June 08, 2009


Like most little girls, I wanted to be a Ballerina when I grew up. I loved to dance, I loved the clothes Ballerina's wore, I even had a Ballerina doll, Dancerina. I took Ballet lessons for many years, switching as I got older to other forms of dance, as my Aunt was a Dancer/Instructor at Steven Peck Dance Studios. This past weekend I attended the Long Beach Ballet's production of Beauty and the Beast. As I watched the beautiful performance I had a tinge of regret having not stuck with my Ballet lessons, but at the same time I realized I truly am a Dancerina at heart. I still love to dance and I often lean toward wearing dresses that look an awful lot like a Ballerina's outfit, full skirt, tulle & fitted bodice. My Aunt still dances, though she took some time away to raise a family, she went back to being a dancer and at age 50 she became a real Ballerina, dancing on her toes!

Me & Dancerina, my Brother Stephen & his guns...

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Anonymous said...

OMG the doll...I had one too.
Great pic