Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Guitar Heroes

I've said it many times, I cannot breathe without music. I wake up with it playing in my head, I can tune in to a song barely audible in a store or restaurant and I never leave home without my beloved iPod. Today on my long ride home from work I decided to listen to the news instead of music for a bit. When I did go back to listening to music, I tuned into the radio instead of my iPod doing some station surfing. A thought crept into my mind, why do I rarely hear my two most favorite artists on the radio and how did I become so enamored of them in the first place with little radio exposure?

I discovered G Love & Special Sauce about 10 years ago, when "Rodeo Clowns" was briefly played on the radio. It was played enough for me to become slightly obsessed with finding all the previously released CD's by the band. I now consider G Love & Special Sauce my favorite band. I see them at least once a year, sometimes 2 or 3 times a year!

I am not quite sure of the time frame of when I discovered John Mayer, I was watching MTV with my Dad one day when the video for "No Such Thing" came on. I was mesmerized by this very tall boy playing the guitar. Heavier Things came out pretty soon after I saw the video, that was when I discovered that the song I saw was on Room For Squares, there was TWO CD's by this amazing boy that plays the guitar! I have since met this boy who plays the guitar, and consider him one of the most talented musicians today.

The very interesting thing about these two guitar heroes of mine, is how very similar they are. They both absolutely LOVE music, the same as I do. They are two of the most amazing guitar players I have ever seen. They both play a National Steel (my absolute favorite guitar!) They both have a great career despite not getting much airplay on the radio (at least in the LA market...) And I follow both of them on Twitter.

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