Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Hard Stick

I have had an irritating cough for about 4 years now. It comes and goes... it can be brought on by a laughing fit or gets really bad and turns into bronchitis. I have gone to my Doctor many times over the years to treat the cough and usually leave being told to take cough syrup. I finally decided to ask my Doctor if it could be brought on by an allergic reaction to something, she said yes and had me tested for food allergies. This meant being stuck with a needle and blood drawn. I don't do that well. This time round I was told I am a "hard stick". My veins are very small and hard to find, which means when they do find them, getting the needle in is very hard... a hard stick. They stuck me at least 6 times before giving up and sending me to the lab the next day, leaving my arms very bruised and bloody. I finally did complete the test, getting it done in my hand. Now I wait to see if I am allergic to dairy, the thought of no more cheese is very sad, but if the sacrifice is to not cough anymore, well then... no more cheese it is!

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