Friday, December 25, 2009

Magical Christmas Memories

I have always felt that I had a very special childhood, filled with fun and wonder, my Grandparents are very much responsible for that. Christmas time at my Grandpa & Grandma Miller's house was especially magical. Grandpa had made this amazing town for under the tree that a train ran through. There were mountains, tunnels, bridges, roads to drive our Matchbox cars on and even little people. Coming up through the center of this magical town was a spectacular tree covered in silver tinsel "icicles" that I carefully helped Grandma put on. My Grandma and I always watched Hallmark Hall of Fame's Littlest Angel together every Christmas season. I recently searched for a DVD of the Littlest Angel and discovered that it had only aired from 1969-1972, which means I only watched it 4 times. I had the record album, which I played over and over. I found a copy of The Littlest Angel last summer and I sat down and watched it a few nights ago, and the memories of Christmas at my Grandparents flooded back to me. I was surprised at how much of the little details I remembered from the program, but then when you are 5 years old, magical moments like that make a big impression on you! Merry Christmas!