Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One & Only

I am the only girl on my Mom's side of the family, five boys and me, my Grandpa's "One & Only". I lost my amazing Grandpa today at age 89. My Grandpa lived in Wisconsin and before that in Guerneville California, so he was not very close by. I visited when I could, especially when he lived in Northern California. My Grandpa built most of the houses he lived in himself and made beautiful furniture, I have many pieces that he built, which remind me of him everyday! My Grandpa always asked me if I had any "projects" for him. The last project I requested was a box to store all my remotes in. We collaborated on many projects, from the time I could hold a hammer. He gave me my own hammer with my name carved in the handle, by him, that I still use! Together we made a jewelry box, a footstool and a frame for the mirror hanging in my bedroom. He even made me hand-carved buttons with an "S" on them! I suppose I got a lot of my creative handiness from my Grandpa. The best thing is, I know my Grandpa loved me very much and I am reminded every single day, because he is all around me.

My Grandpa and his one & only!

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