Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fashion Validation

It is said that women dress for other women. This is part true, but I think most women dress for themselves. When I am picking out an outfit to wear I take many things into consideration, number one is my mood. Next is my shoes. I decide what shoes I want to wear first and pick out my outfit accordingly. Of course the variables change depending on weather, location and if I have something new to wear... But no matter what the reason is why you pick out what to wear, once someone has said, "I love your outfit" or "that dress is so cute" or "You look very nice today", it validates everything.

My new neighbor who lives behind me gets a front row view of my morning walk down the runway that is our back steps. She is usually sitting on her patio having her morning coffee when I leave every morning. There has been mornings where I had a very hard time picking out something to wear and sometimes leave the house not feeling quite right about my outfit, but as soon as my neighbor says, "I love your dress!" or "Those shoes are SO cute!", I feel good and my confidence returns to full strength. Not that my goal every time I get dressed is to get that kind of response, but it sure is nice to hear, especially from the general public. I have had the nurses in my doctors office get excited over my shoes. A woman at Trader Joe's stare at me in the dairy section making me think I know her but couldn't place her, only to have her tell me she was admiring my dress. But my favorite was a little boy of maybe 5 tell me my dress was very pretty.

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