Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Drago, Zippy, Rocky & Iggy Pop

When I lived in the Shore the only animals/critters I came across were the silverfish in my house and the green parrots making noise in the palm trees. Now that I live one more block east of the ocean, I have all kinds of critters in my backyard! We knew when we moved it that the man next door raised Pigeons, white Pigeons that he passes off as white Doves... At first their cooing creeped me out, but now it is almost a white noise soothing sound. There is a little black bird who sits perched outside our living room window who makes a whistle much like a catcall whistle from a construction worker. It still cracks me up every time I hear it, which is often! Our neighbors behind us, who we share the backyard with, have 2 cats, Drago & Lenore. Drago has adopted me. He sleeps on our landing in back, he walks me to my car in the morning and a couple of weeks ago he presented me with a dead bird he killed for me! We have a Squirrel (I call him Zippy) who hops from the pigeon coop to our neighbors roof with ease. One morning I watched his acrobat show and was very entertained, jumping from the roof to the patio, to the hanging plants where he hung upside down back up to the roof and back to the pigeon coop... This morning Zippy & Drago were on the roof playing a little game of chase. At first I though Drago was trying to bring me a new present, but then I realized Zippy WANTED to be chased. Zippy ran into the tree and Drago followed and a few minutes later Zippy reappeared on the roof and Drago was chasing him again. There is also a VERY large Raccoon who visits our backyard from time to time to eat the cat food. We had a rumble in the backyard last week between the Raccoon (I call him Rocky) and Iggy Pop, the black cat who lives next door with Willie Nelson the Terrier (their real names). From the looks of the fur on the grass and the fact that Iggy Pop looked unharmed the next day, I'd say Rocky lost that bout!

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