Monday, November 19, 2007

Birthday Week

Sunday was the kick-off of my "Birthday Week". My birthday is November 24, it has always been celebrated on Thanksgiving with my family, and sometimes actually falls on Thanksgiving. When I was younger I did not realize that Thanksgiving was celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, I only knew it was my birthday on Thanksgiving. Once this was figured out, around the age of 10, I began to celebrate my birthday for at least a week! When I turned 10 I had my first Slumber Party. It was mostly my fellow Girl Scouts, but they were also my friends. This was one of the first times I celebrated my birthday on a day other than Thanksgiving. Of course, I still celebrated with my family on Thanksgiving.

By the time I started Junior High, my Birthday Week was an annual event. My friends at school would throw me a party the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. My family would celebrate my birthday on Thanksgiving. My Aunt would take me shopping for a birthday gift the day after Thanksgiving. And these days, it is pretty much the same. For my 40th Birthday I was thrown a party by some very good friends at their art gallery, The Caged Chameleon) and got to dance in a cage (my request) which was held the weekend before my birthday, my actual birthday was on a Wednesday that year, so I celebrated with Joey that day, with my family on Thanksgiving and ended the week celebrating at Disneyland with my Annual Passport friends.

Yesterday Darian surprised me with an impromptu birthday party. She will be in New York for Thanksgiving and wanted to celebrate my birthday with me. I had invited her to come over Sunday afternoon to knit with myself and Berdie, but she showed up with a cake, a present and wine! I love my Birthday Week!

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