Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stitch N Bitch Session: One

This afternoon I had my knitter friends over for our first Stitch N Bitch session. Berdie and I have been knitting together on Sunday afternoons for a few weeks. I mentioned the book I read, Knitting Under the Influence, how the gals in the books get together on Sunday's and knit. Berdie suggested I should do that, so I sent out an email to Jen, Darian and Amy inviting them over for an afternoon of knitting and munchies. On a cold and cloudy afternoon (perfect for staying in and knitting) Jen, Darian, Amy, Berdie and Jakki arrived with lots of munchies and their knitting bags. Jakki tagged along with Darian, who taught her how to knit this afternoon... It was a very lovely afternoon, I really enjoyed the creative energy that was in the room.

I enjoy when I can inspire others to be creative. I think everyone is creative in their own way, I am sad when someone says they are not a creative person. This afternoon I had five creative ladies sitting around my living room working on their knitting projects, Jen making a fabulous sparkly top, Amy finishing up a cute handbag, Berdie working on a wrap, Darian teaching Jakki how to make the garter stitch and myself knitting a bowl to felt. What a perfect afternoon!


Jen said...

Hey Girl... I tagged you for a meme on my blog. Love ya!


geramyum said...

I LOVED Knitting Sunday Afternoon. It was perfect!!! Thank you