Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I am currently experiencing technical difficulties, BIG TIME!
It all started out to be a nice, normal Monday. Since I work from home I woke up at 7am to get all my work done early so I would not be sitting in front of a computer in the hot, hot heat. Then at 10:01am my beloved iMac froze up on me and was not to be recovered, HUGE sad face! After many, many attempts to revive my computer myself, phone calls to the Geek Squad and Apple Support, I finally had to unplug my iMac and take it to be looked at by a professional. The horrible news is, they will have it for at least 5 days! I am able to write this tragic story on a lovely borrowed computer (thank you! XOXO) Now, as if that is not enough to go through in one day, at 7 pm I went to relax and watch a little TV and the TV was out, nothing, checked everything, dead. The Universe was obviously telling me to STOP! I listened. I turned on Billie Holiday and worked on a very fun project. I will write all about my new project when my iMac comes home...

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