Monday, June 02, 2008

...well, that's just fabulous

I have the last words spoken by Carrie Bradshaw, four years ago on the series finale of Sex and the City, written appropriately on a hot pink post-it next to my bed. She said, "When you find someone to love the you YOU love, well, that's just fabulous". That spoke volumes to me (obviously, enough to put down on a post-it!) That was the kind of love I had been looking for, that was the kind of love I wanted. Now, let's flash forward to the present, the girls have returned in a movie, a highly anticipated movie for me (those who know me well know how much). After two cosmopolitans in the bar at Islands before the movie, we made our way to the 3:55 showing of Sex and the City: The Movie. We were surprised to find a line waiting to get in the theatre when we arrived, but I was even more surprised at how dolled up all the girls in line were! I mean, of course, I was no exception. I had worn my lovely Isaac Mizrahi floral summer frock (with a tulle petticoat attached!) and my bee-you-tee-ful Report Signature pumps, but I had come from work... I actually really liked the fact that everyone was so excited to see this movie, they were inspired to dress up, making it a special event. I read the next day in an article in the LA Times about girls dressing up everywhere to see this movie and making an event of it, comparing them to the fans that dress up for Comic-Con. I actually thought of it more as the "Big Girls" version of dressing up as your favorite princess when little girls go to Disneyland... As for the movie, I LOVED it (I actually saw it again Sunday afternoon, with my Man-Friend). Without "spoiling" anything for anyone, my favorite part of the movie was the love. I liked that love was the underlying theme. The love of your friends, the love of a man and most important, loving yourself. And yes, I too found someone to love the me that I love, and it IS just fabulous.

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I still need to see it!
Do you think that is a wrap?