Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Day the Music Died

I have recovered nearly all the music I lost on the evening of October 7 on my iPod. It all started so innocently, I had put my first movie on my iPod, Sex and the City (of course). It had been on my iPod for over a week but would not play, it would only play the audio. Frustrated that it would not play the movie I plugged my iPod into my iTunes to attempt to fix the problem. What I did instead is add to my grief. By syncing the movie to my iPod it removed all my songs from my iPod. This was approximately 5000 songs gathered over the last 3 years. I cannot breathe without music, look to the right at the "Who Am I" section, it is the second most important thing about me! I am listening to Frank Sinatra right now as I tell this tale... After another trip to the Apple Genius Bar (my third this year), restoring my iPod to be as if it were brand new, I began to load all my music back on. I did not have my music backed up in iTunes, I have nearly 300 CD's, as I put them on my iPod I took them out of iTunes. Why did I need the music on my computer and on my iPod when I owned the CD? Well, I am leaving EVERYTHING in iTunes, that is my backup, which is also backed up. I got all my music (including some new stuff) back on my iPod in 5 days, I am breathing much better now and happy to have my iPod back from the dead.

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