Monday, November 17, 2008

Santa Ana Snow

On a visit to New York City a few years ago I found myself in the middle of a snow flurry on a warm spring day. I was confused by what was falling from the sky. I told my friend it looked like snow, but it was sunny and warm outside? Moments later we were in the Anna Sui shop and the salesperson asked us how we liked that snow flurry. I turned to my friend and I said, "I told you it was snow". The salesperson laughed and asked what else would it be? I told him I was from Southern California and when white flakes fall from the sky on a warm day they are ashes. We had a major "snow flurry" this weekend, especially bad in Long Beach, where all the smoke and ash from the horrible fires were blown to by the terrible Santa Ana winds. Having experienced being displaced from a fire destroying my home, my heart hurts for all those people who have lost so much weeks before the holidays. I too was not in my home for Thanksgiving. Having gone through that tragedy made me realize what wonderful friends I have.

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