Friday, December 19, 2008

Smelly Memories

Not that I have researched this subject, but I am pretty sure it is a scientific fact that smell affects your memory. There may even be a scientific term for it, but I like to refer to it as a smelly memory. Yesterday I was at the Drive-Thru window at Starbuck's and the aroma that came out of that window hit my brain full force with the memory of morning time growing up when my Grandparents came to stay with us. It is a very happy memory, my Grandparents usually stayed with us for the Holiday's. Wet Eucalyptus is another scent that hits my brain hard. My Junior High had Eucalyptus trees all over campus and when it rained the trees became very fragrant. Junior High was my favorite years of school, now when I smell Eucalyptus trees in the rain, my brain transports me back to Junior High. There are not that many scents/aromas that affect me that way, probably because there are some obscure smells that hold special memories, like the combination of pipe tobacco and sawdust remind me of my Grandpa, but how often does one come across that scent? There is that perfume company that makes scents like "Fresh Cut Grass" and "Dirt". I think there are a few that they missed, "Halloween Candy" (the smell of all the Halloween candy in one bowl), "Crayola" (the smell that hits you when you open a box of 64 crayons) and "Wet Ditto Copy".

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