Friday, April 16, 2010

You Spin Me Round

As I have mentioned many times, I cannot breathe without music. It has been this way my whole life. Our house was filled with records and there was always one playing on the record player in the living room. I had my own record player by age 4. It looked like a suitcase, but when you opened that suitcase and plugged it in, watch out! The first records I played on my record player were mostly kid 45's, I'm A Little Teapot, The Hokey Pokey and lots of Disney "read-a-longs". But then I discovered my Dad's 45's! My absolute FAVORITE was The 5th Dimension's Sweet Blindness. Oh I how I danced around to that song, over and over again! I have that song on my iPod and still cannot resist dancing around when I hear it, and yes, it does take me back to when I was 4, playing the record in my room! When I was 5 my Dad started taking me to the Library where I discovered you can check out record albums just like books! I had a rotation of Abbey Road, Sgt. Pepper, and Yellow Submarine, all of which were played on my little record player in my room!

About 10 years ago my Dad and I were at the Long Beach Veteran's Stadium Flea Market where we stumbled across a suitcase record player EXACTLY like mine, it was even the same color! It worked perfectly, but needed a new needle, I bought it for $20. I spent the next week looking for a needle, but then gave up the search when it turned out to be not so easy. For my birthday last year, a friend who has jukeboxes told me my gift was that she would find me a needle for my record player. After 4 months of searching, she delivered my needle this week, I installed it and we played records all night long on my Imperial "Party Time" record player! First record played with the new needle, The Bay City Rollers, of course! But my Dad is bringing me all my 45's and the very first 45 played will be Sweet Blindness and I will dance around the room!

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