Sunday, May 16, 2010

Heart of Our Home

We have been in our new home just over 6 months now. There are still boxes that need unpacking, pictures to be hung on the wall, a 2nd bedroom that needs lots of attention and a garage that needs even more attention! But in these last 6 months we have mostly been adjusting to our new surroundings, discovering the neighborhood and finding a new routine while at home. With more than double the space now, more space to spread out, it is interesting that the kitchen has become the place where we spend the most time. It is a brand new remodeled kitchen, with new cabinets, stove, sink, granite counter tops... the works! With a perfect dining area attached, where we just happened to put the computer, we find ourselves in this room even more than the living room. I find myself doing a lot more cooking now, I made a pie, I had never even wanted to make a pie before! We eat at home a lot more, eating most of our meals at the dining room table, a luxury we just did not have before. I look forward to Sunday morning breakfast at home now, enjoying our joint effort cooking breakfast and toasting our collaboration over Mimosa's.

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