Sunday, August 08, 2010

Aunt Bebe Day

Sunday August 8 is Aunt Bebe Day! I was very surprised by the announcement and declaration by my nieces & nephew. Aunt Bebe Day is the celebration of an "amazing and best Aunt ever" (I am quoting here). My nieces & nephew threw me an Aunt Bebe Day surprise party today complete with a sign, gifts and cupcakes all for me!

Back in 1996 I started a family tradition of "Craft Day" with the kids. A few days before Christmas I had them all over to my house for the day to make their parents and Grandma & Grandpa a christmas gift. Soon Craft Day became a slumber party at Aunt Sharon's house, I made all the kids pajamas every year and we watched the original Parent Trap and Grease eating popcorn & drinking hot coco. They have made some fun crafts: snow globes, scrapbooks, magnets, decorated frames with self portraits taken by them and one year they made puppets and put on a puppet show on Christmas Eve for the family. Every year I would try to top the craft from the year before. We have missed the last 2 years, mostly due to scheduling issues, the "kids" are now in their late teens and early 20's, with the exception of Ruby who only missed out last year because of my new job & moving to a new house...

The kids decided to get together this summer and have a "Craft Day" to make a craft for Aunt Bebe (me since Ruby gave me the new name when she started to talk). I have some very cool glass mosaic candle holders handmade with love by my amazing and best nieces & nephew EVER!!!

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