Thursday, August 05, 2010

Big Dipper

I am a big dipper... I very much enjoy any food that is to be dipped into some yummy concoction! I have already mentioned here my love for taquitos, which are best dipped in green runny avocado sauce. But I do seriously have a huge affection for dipping. I even had a birthday party where all the food served was dipped: taquitos of course, ranch with chips, bean dip, chili cheese dip with fritos and for dessert, chocolate fondue! While on the subject of fondue, The Melting Pot, is one of the BEST ideas for a restaurant EVER! Everything has to be dipped there!!! I'm not sure how or when this all started, maybe it was with the taquitos? Maybe it was when I started dipping my French Fries in ranch dressing? Maybe it was all those fondue dinners in the 70's my Dad was so fond of? I really can't pinpoint when or what started it all, perhaps it is just a natural act of nature, to dip.

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