Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spiders From Mars

I don't know why I like spiders, aren't girls suppose to be afraid of spiders? I have always liked them. There is something about the fact that they look so delicate, like little pieces of dancing lace, but they can be deadly. It may also be the creative spirit in me that views their ability to weave these amazingly beautiful webs as a work of art, even when dead things are caught in them. I get so excited when I discover a big web with the spider sitting proudly in the center. I never kill a spider in the house, if it is a teeny whisper of a spider, I simply blow it in a different direction. If it is a larger, potentially threatening spider (I have been bit by a spider in my sleep), I show it the door and out it goes!

The other morning after my shower I discovered the most unusual spider I have ever seen... a four-legged spider! The spider had legs on only one side of their body, it was a physically challenged spider! It moved as if it had all it's legs intact, at first I worried about it's survival, but then I imagined this spider is a survivor and has probably lived in this house for a hundred years! He lives in the walls, he has fought battles against his prey and the elements, he is the wise old spider that is a cautionary tale to the young! This spider made me think of Aragog from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. He very slowly moved his way down my shower curtain and disappeared, back into the walls of the house...hopefully this spider will cross my path again someday.

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