Monday, September 27, 2010

13 Going On...

If I was asked, "What year of school would you go back to?" My answer would be 8th grade. That year, including the summer before and after the 8th grade school year was the absolute best time of my life! I was a cheerleader my 8th grade year and the group of us cheerleaders did everything together, as a group! We had a few additional non-cheerleader girls in our group, and together we had a blast! We did everything together, walked to school, had sleep-overs every weekend, rode our bikes all over town, went to the movies, toilet papered the boys houses... Sadly we separated in high school, split to 3 different high schools. We recently reunited for the first time since that summer before starting high school. Looking around the table at all my lost friends I saw the 13 year old girls that we were, we all still have that same spirit we had at 13. I started thinking about this and I realized, I still feel like the 13 year old girl I was.  I still love to  play with my friends, ride my bike, make my arts & crafts and dance around the house.  I still am that 13 year old little girl, her spirit has never left me!

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