Thursday, May 12, 2011


I love to wear rings!  I always have.  My hands look so naked with out at least one ring on them.  I'm not sure where the fascination began with wearing rings, and I do mean multiple rings at one time, maybe it's because it's the one piece of jewelry you can actually view all day and admire?  You don't see your earrings or necklace, or even a bracelet if you are wearing long sleeves...but you can see your rings no matter what you are doing.  I sometimes get distracted while driving when the sun catches a particularly large rhinestone ring I wear, throwing dazzling sparkles all over the inside of my car!  For me the bigger the ring, the better! I like when a ring is HUGE, not gaudy, but interesting.  I know that comes from playing with my Mom's cocktail rings from the 70's.  The rings were big to start with, then I put them on my little fingers and they were HUGE!  I have almost as many rings as I have shoes (almost).  During most of the 90's I wore a ring on nearly every finger, every day! Most of my rings have a special meaning behind them, I still have the turquoise ring given to me by my 6th grade boyfriend bought on a field trip to Olvera Street.  I have my high school class ring.  The Claddagh ring given to me by a friend who went to Ireland.  The clown ring that has hinged arms and legs so he can dance on my finger.  The platinum triple pearl & diamond ring that my Grandma's sister gave her on her 30th wedding anniversary that was then given to me on my 30th birthday.   The Tiffany ring given to me by my parents on my 40th birthday.  The Tiffany ring VJ gave me for Christmas.  Sadly I have lost a few rings over the years, I still think about one of my favorite rings I lost when I was about 8, it was a Little Kiddles ring, a big pink sparkly flower that opened up so you could remove the teeny tiny doll that was inside the ring.  I have found some on eBay and have bid on them, but I really wish I still had mine!

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